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The other day, I was out with a friend when she told me a beauty trick she'd recently learned: using toilet seat covers in place of blotting papers... An oldie, but I goodie, that one was a trick I'd been using for years! Here are a few other tricks I use for beauty in a pinch:
Image via Tatcha Beauty

My favorite facial mask ever is one made with household ingredients - uncoated aspirin and honey, (plusa little water, too.) I'll use a drop of water to dissolve a few aspirin tablets, then mix in a little honey to form a grainy paste. After letting it dry on my face, I'll gently massage in light circular motions before rinsing it all off with warm water. It works because aspirin is a derivative of salicylic acid, and honey is a natural antiseptic.
Image by bamboopandalove who also loves this mask (and the font from my header!)
If I run out of dry shampoo, I'll use just about anything powdered... baby-powder, cornstarch, even face powder will work if you dust it on your roots, shake your head upside down and brush it all out afterwards.
Image by Beth Galton for Real Simple
If I'm linty with no remover in sight, I'll wrap packing tape (or any tape) around my hand and pat the lint off.
Image via etsy seller Le Box Boutique
If my bangs get slick while I'm at work, a paperclip will work in place of a bobby pin. (Just be careful when removing it later!)
 Image via We Make Carpets (Can you believe this rug is made from paperclips?)

If I lose an earring backing while I'm on the run, the end of a pencil eraser can keep things secure until I get home.
Image by Paul Wicheloe for Real Simple

What beauty tricks do you use in a pinch?


  1. You have some great tips, thanks for sharing! Sometimes i like to use sugar as a face scrub and if i can remember i'll add some drops of lemon juice to it too!

  2. Wow, some really great tips! The toilet seat cover one is something I would have never thought of!

  3. These are great - and I'm *especially* taking notes on the toilet-covers-as-blotting-papers tip, since I always seem to be out of those when I need them!


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