Good Ideas - Wrap it up!

I don't know what it is about wrapping gifts, but putting together a beautiful present puts a big smile on my face, every time. With the holiday season in full swing, here are a few of my beautiful gift wrapping tips and tricks:

Do just a few at a time. I personally prefer to wrap just a few gifts at a time, so I'm not overwhelmed. It's more fun to really get into one pretty package than it is to take on a mountain of them!

Start with a large work surface. This one may seem elementary, but it's important! If you don't have a great big, clean, clear place to lay out your paper, you'll end up with a wrinkly, messy gift. I like to clear off the dining table, but in a pinch, I'll work on the floor. (The table is much better though!)

No need for fancy paper. Yes, I love it too, but when it comes down to it, the part of a good gift that catches my eye is always the "extra." The paper itself is just the foundation! I've wrapped beautiful gifts in newsprint, butcher paper, and even parchment paper in a pinch. With the right accessories, the paper fades into the background, so don't waste your money on really fancy stuff. Stick with something simple and pretty - bonus points if it's versatile! (Of course, if you want to get all fancy with the paper, you can, but just know that you don't NEED it to make things pretty. ♥)
Image via decor8

Crease your corners and fold your edges. After I wrap my gift, I'll run my fingers along the edges to make a crisp package. I also like to fold over any visible edges when I'm wrapping. It just makes everything look neat.

Use good tape, but use it sparingly. I love to use the glossy finish, made for gifts tape because it disappears. Nobody wants a present covered in tape! (Unless you're using a fancy tape - that's a whole other story!)
Image by Cheri of Scout Holiday, tape covered bottles by be-poles

Cheapie ribbon is for suckers. Yep, I'm a ribbon snob. I LOVE a good cloth ribbon, velvet, satin, grosgrain... anything but that curling stuff! A fancy ribbon is greener, because it can be used again and again. It's also better looking.
Tip: If you've saved a cloth ribbon from last year, and it's looking wrinkled now, don't despair! Iron it, (with your clothing iron OR a flat iron) and it'll look good as new!
Image by Jen Gotch

Add something extra. I love to embellish my gifts for instant wow factor. I'll snip a bit from my tree, slip in a candy cane, add a small ornament, or even a paper snowflake, then call it good.
Image by Jenny Liu for Style Me Pretty - Full DIY Instructions by Summer Watkins!


  1. Great tips. I definitely agree with the ribbon one. Something about a thick cloth ribbon just seems to complete the look.

  2. Thanks, Jaclyn! I'm a huge ribbon nerd. It's just so festive! ♥


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