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Back to Blogging (Again, Sort of)

It's been years since I've written here, and at times I've missed it, but for the most part, I've put this blog behind me. I used to write here with secret hopes of someday becoming a famous blogger. The lifestyle looked so glamorous! While I no longer harbor those kinds of fantasies, I've decided to take up writing here once again. I've got some big life changes on the horizon and a ton of fun projects. I'll be documenting them here for my own enjoyment so that later I can look back at them. If you somehow found this blog and want to read along, I hope you enjoy!

Of the life changes that are coming my way, one biggie is in my love life. About a month ago, my boyfriend Daily proposed. We'd been together for seven and a half years (and we both counted the half, the way a little kid would.) I'm a little embarrassed to admit that seven and a half years was long enough to include two "when are we going to get married" tear-filled meltdowns on …

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