Loving - Brass Corners

On my way into work today, I passed a woman in a killer skirt. It was just a simple navy pencil skirt, but there was something that kicked the look up a knotch - on the edges of the flap pockets were tiny metal corners. I was so jealous! Had I not been right on time for work, (read: without a minute to spare,) I would have run right up to her and asked where I could get my hands on one just like it... So instead, I did some interenet research. Here's what I've found:

Metal corners look great on purses, too:

Also furniture!

Too pricey? Head to the hardware store for some DIY!

I wonder if I could DIY this on my kitchen cabinets without upsetting the landlord?


  1. the price of that skirt is such a good deal! you should snatch it up while you can :) i love edgy pieces like that too.


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