San Francisco(ish) Treat - Lagunitas Brewery's Skunk Train

Get ready for a big time secret... Once a year, Lagunitas Brewery hosts an amazing beer-tasting, live-music-listening, open-air train ride through the woods up in Willits. Yes, it's a bit of a drive from San Francisco, but oh, is it worth it! Here are a few Polaroid style photos from this year's train ride, back in September.

Here's the train, in all of its old fashioned glory, ready to go!
Here we are in the open car, before the train took off. See the metal cups? Your ticket comes with a wrist band, shirt, and that souvenir cup, which you can refill as much as you'd like. So smart that they made them metal!
The open air train ride through the woods was magical!
About an hour into the ride, the train stops for a bbq lunch and tastings from other breweries.
 My boyfriend spotted this photo opportunity.
Being cheesy.

Wanna go? It's actually quite the feat to get a coveted spot. First, in March you need to call the brewery to see if they have space on their list. Then, if they do, they'll call you back (in August!) to sell you a ticket. We had assumed the deal was off when we didn't hear back for so long - it as quite a pleasant surprise to get the call! There's a KOA campsite right next to the tracks, but unfortunately, it was booked when we got our tickets. Thank goodness for friends! (Thank you Kelly and Tad for putting us up!)



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