Feeling Crafty - DIY Coffee Table Tray

For the longest time I was on the hunt for the perfect coffee table tray. Trays are such a lifesaver on a coffee table. They corral remotes and other odds and ends, making things look neat and tidy. In my hunt, I searched high and low, but nothing met my criteria. I wanted something large and round. I wanted strait sides. I wanted enamel. Really, I wanted this: (but who doesn't?) Oh, and I also wanted affordable.

Eventually, I settled in on making a tray myself, and was ecstatic when I found this 16inch round cake pan and Martha Stewart's new sticks-to-everything line of craft paints at Michaels. The best part? The paper label worked perfectly as a barrier for creating a crisp line between the metallic gold bottom and Hermes orange sides.
Here it is, all painted up. Ta da!
(Yes, Calvin and Hobbes make for great coffee table books.)

 Of course now that it's finished, I'm itching to repaint - I think the gold would look even flashier against a matte black.
I already bought the paint! :)


  1. I heart this idea! I'm always looking for inexpensive ways to spice up a few spaces in the home. I love that this keeps everything contained, so you don't have to worry about clutter.


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