Tasty Bites - Fun with Molasses

This weekend my family and I had brunch at Axis Café. When I saw the dressings for the greek yogurt they offered, I jumped. "Greek yogurt with oat crumbles, plums, and molasses? Interesting." It was beyond interesting. It was down right delicious! As I was scraping the last of the tangy-sweet molasses drizzle off the bottom of the bowl, I got to thinking. "What else could I add molasses to?"

Here are a few ideas:
• Drizzle it on top of greek yogurt (obviously).
• Swirl it into your oatmeal.
• Mix it into the batter for pancakes, french toast or waffles, or add some on top.
• Use it to sweeten homemade granola.
• Flavor protein bars with it.
• If you're making homemade ice cream, (I'm jealous!) add some to the mix, (maybe with swirls of caramel and bits of crystalized ginger).
• If you're without an ice cream maker, (like me,) drizzle a little on top of regular vanilla.
• Use it to spice up iced tea or lemonade.
• Build a cocktail around it, with rum, or whiskey and other goodies.
• Add it to the batter for bread. (I'm curious about this molasses raisin rye bread recipe.)
• Use it in muffins.

I took the last idea, and made myself some delicious muffins for my weekday grab-and-go breakfasts. I started with this recipe, but after reading user comments, made a whole bunch of adaptations. Here's my version:

Emily's Health Conscious Molasses Ginger Fruit Muffins
Yield: 12 muffins

• 2 eggs
• 1/3 cup molasses
• 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce
• 1 cup low fat buttermilk
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 3/4 cup ground flaxseed meal
• 1/4 cup brown sugar
• 1/2 cup rolled oats
• 1 cup flour
• 1 teaspoon baking soda
• 3 tablespoons crystalized ginger
• fresh fruit of choice (I used one peach, one plum, and one pear and had leftover fruit for a salad.)

• Preheat the oven to 350º.
• Line or grease your muffin tin. (Or use a silicone one!)
• Chop the crystalized ginger and fruit into small chunks - ginger into 1/8" cubes and fruit into 1/4". Set aside.
• In a large bowl, mix the wet ingredients together, (eggs, molasses, apple sauce, buttermilk, vanilla, flaxseed, and sugar). *Hint: to avoid a sticky molasses mess, grease your measuring cup before measuring it - it'll slide right out!
• In a smaller bowl, mix together the dry ingredients, (oats, flour, and baking soda).
• Stir the dry into the wet, little by little, until combined. Then add the ginger.
• If you're making each muffin the same, now is the time to add the fruit. Then spoon the batter into your muffin tin.
• When I made these, I made three varieties (plum, peach, and pear.) I filled each tin part-way with the batter, then dropped in pieces of fruit, before covering them with more batter. Then I added one more piece of fruit as an identifier to the top of each muffin.
• Pop 'em in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean.
• Let cool and enjoy!


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