Good Ideas - Spend a Few Seconds Now, Save More Later

This morning when I handed back her packing tape, my friend Nicole said, "This just shows how thoughtful you are," pointing to the folded-over edge I'd left. For me, it's not so much about being thoughtful, but more about saving time. There are all kinds of little things I like to do which may take a few seconds of work up-front, but save in the long hall. Here are a few:

• Whenever I use packing tape, I'll fold over the edge when I'm done. It saves me from having to search for that little stuck down edge when I'm getting ready to send something.

• Wrapping the string of a tea bag around the handle of a mug means no more fishing for it when it slips in.

• On Sundays, I'll often bake healthy, portable breakfasts (Pretty Delicious's blueberry bran muffins, Trim and Toned's protein bars, etc). On weekday mornings, I can eat them on the go.

Image via Martha Stewart
• I go through the mail in the garage, right next to the recycling. Junk mail goes directly into the bin, never even making it into the house.

Image via This Old House
• I clean as I cook. In the downtime, or even putting off steps by a minute or two, I'll wash, load, put away and tidy. When my meal's ready, most of the mess is already taken care of.

• When I'm folding laundry, I'll make stacks, sorting clothes by the drawers they belong in.

• I've got a designated spot for keys, my wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, etc. This saves me from spending time hunting for them.

• Eliminating clutter is a secret time saver. Aside from improving the look of your space, it makes things easier to find, easier to clean, easier to navigate, and eliminates the wasted time of shuffling, sorting and looking through mess.

• I'll group errands. By doing them all on one swoop, I save driving time.

What do you do to save time?


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