Tasty Bites - Mashed Potato Secret

 Image by John Cullen
I'm terrible at keeping secrets. I just discovered this tonight, and already I'm spreading the news! While looking for goodies to spice up mashed potatoes, I reached for a nearly-empty, better-use-it-or-it'll-go-bad container of plain nonfat Greek yogurt. Wow! It made my mashed potatoes oh-so-creamy, with a little bit of zingy flavor, not to mention added protein to this otherwise nutrient-less food. Shhh! Don't tell! Oh who am I kidding? Tell everyone!


  1. For years now, I haven't added butter or milk to my taters. I always use sour cream and cream cheese. I've been told that I have the whitest mashed potatoes anyone has ever seen. A friend of mine from Concord, CA showed me that trick.


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