Tasty Bites - Infused Spirits

Want something to impress your guests this holiday season? Consider infused spirits. They are simple to make, add lots of flavor to a cocktail, and don't add sugars. (Semi-guilt free!) Plus, they're fancy.

Image by Leigh Beisch
A few years ago, I was given this book by Susan Elia MacNeal as a gift, and it's full of delicious recipes! I've been making my own for a while now, and it is incredibly easy! All you need is:
  • a clean glass container
  • your spirit of choice
  • a flavoring element
  • a dark, cool space
  • plenty of time
Simply place your spirits and flavoring agent in the clean container and wait it out... Then strain, age, and enjoy!

A few weeks back I made a batch of grapefruit vodka. I zested an organic grapefruit, and added a basic vodka (it doesn't have to be anything fancy). I let the whole thing sit for two weeks, then strained it with coffee filters. After aging for two more weeks, it should be ready this weekend. I can't wait!


  1. Mmmmm sounds delicious. Whoever gave you that book must be awesome ;-).


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