Imagine If - A Dresser Can Be So Much More!

I frequently see free/cheapie dressers on Craigslist. Oh, how pretty they can be! Here are a few I saw just today:

This one's listed at $25. I love the little door.

An this one's the priciest of the bunch, at a whopping $60, but is has a mirror, too!

The tough thing about dressers is that they have a deceptively large amount of surface area, should you want to refinish one. (Take this from someone who's got a partially refinished dresser in storage.) The wonderful thing about dressers, though, is that they can find a home in almost any room, adding stylish storage and counter space. Aside from the typical clothing storage they can be used...

... as a nightstand in a bedroom
Interior by Timothy Whealon for Veranda Photographer Unknown

... in an entry as a console
Image and interior by Jenny of Little Green Notebook

... re-purposed into a bathroom vanity (This one's my favorite!)
Image and interior by Anile Prakash for design*sponge

... as a kitchen island
Image via Nate Berkus. Photographer Unknown

... as a sideboard in a dining room
Image by Donna Griffith for Canadian House and Home

... under a TV in a living room (That fish cracks me up!)
Image and interior by Nester of The Nesting Place

... as a bar cart in many rooms
Image and interior by Alexandra of Luisa Design

Time to get cracking on that dresser again. Oh the things it can do!


  1. So I just discovered something about myself... I'm in love with dressers! I really like the assortment of woods and colors you have pictured and I am feeling very much inspired to continue searching for the perfect dresser for my kitchen.

  2. ahhh. These are some great ideas for dressers! you have re-inspired my quest for the perfect dresser.


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