Feeling Crafty - A DIYed Bulletin Board Turned Jewelry Organizer!

Just before heading to college, a (slightly) unfortunate thing happened at my parent's house - the glass from a large picture frame cracked. With the empty frame in hand, Martha Stewart's Framed Bulletin Board DIY came to mind, and off to work I went. I had homosote cut at a building store, wrapped it in a pretty fabric, and voila! I had a pretty surface to pin momentos and decorate my dorm.

Fast forward to recent day, and I was in need of an attractive solution for organizing my necklace and bracelet collection. Had it not been so sun-faded, I would have simply added hooks to the existing board, but it needed a mini facelift, so I took a few minutes to recover the homosote before adding cup hooks - standard size for necklaces, and larger hooks for bracelets. Ta da!

And here's how I store the rest of my jewelry:

•a wire stand holds most of my earrings, (purchased at PB Teen years ago. I'm a huge fan of their of smart organizing tools! Remember this post?)
•little dishes (originally intended for sauces? and purchased at Daiso Japan) hold smaller earrings, rings, etc.
•a three tiered server keeps it all (plus makeup, perfume, and hair things) in one place. (purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond)

Keeping my "getting ready" things out in the open really helps me streamline the morning rush out the door!

P.S. In case you were wondering, here's just how sun-faded the bulletin board was, pre-transformation. I was so sad to say goodbye to the pretty floral!


  1. I love that 3 tiered server, I must have one!


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