House Envy - A Rustic/Glam Storefront (I'm Back!)

After a whirlwind week, I'm finally feeling settled in the new place. Not settled enough for a tour just yet, but that's in the pipeline for some day soonish. I spent the week sorting, packing, moving, unpacking, organizing, hanging, cleaning, shopping, constructing... and sleeping?

Once the dust cleared, I looked around. I was really happy with the light-filled, homey and comfortable space, but everything felt a little "boy." The living space is awash in woods and greens, and while I like the natural pallete, I'm wondering if we need a little glam in the mix, too. Perhaps some shiny gold? Maybe a white fluffy rug? Scouring my files, I was reminded of a Remodelista feature of Erica Tanov, a srote in nearby Marin. I love the glamourous details mixed with rustic touches - so chic!

I wonder what the gentlemen roommates would think if covered a wall in hammered brass disks? (Alright, maybe not something on this scale)

Look at the pretty  light fixture! (Found at the Alameda Flea Market!)

Notice the rustic table, too:
All images by Janet Hall for Remodelista



  1. oh my god i love that gold on the wall! ! !! i say do it! you only live once!


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