Good Ideas - Styling Lessons from Rue's Anniversary Party

I was absolutely thrilled to get an invite to Rue Magazine's one year anniversary party, held at HD Buttercup on Monday night. The event itself was a smashing success - lots of glamourous people, a fantastic DJ, a candy bar, delicious cocktails, food trucks,  and - most impressively - a spectacular setting. I had never seen the inside of HD Buttercup before, and was smitten. I snapped a few pictures, and looking at them just now, noticed the styling lessons they contain! Attention class, please take note: (and please pardon the night-time photos!)

Lesson 1: A collection looks most cohesive when it shares a color palette. (Everything on these shelves - even the shelves themselves! - was silver, black, or white, but mostly silver.)

Lesson 2: If you're going to collect, go big. (This entire wall was covered in blue and white plates. So pretty!)

Lesson 3a: Anything can be a lamp... (Check out these bowler hats..!
... And parasols! Look familiar?)

Lesson 3b: ...or a wreath. (These were old tennis rackets!)

Lesson 4: Contrast makes things interesting. (Here, a rough rope makes an intriguing hanger for a sparkling chandelier.)

Lesson 6: Think outside the box. (This was an old suitcase, stuffed and sold as a throw pillow!)

Lesson 7: Humor is always good. (Also, all you need is love.)

Lesson 8: Have fun!
(Image by Abi Mullens)


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