Loving - Drop Pulls

Image via Anthropologie

I recently found these pulls at Anthropologie, and all of a sudden it hit me; I love drop pulls! I think I've loved them for a long time, but this is one of those crushes that sneaks up on you. I have a cabinet waiting for a fix-up in the garage, and I think about six of these in the Kelly color would be nice...  (I'm currently imagining the cabinet in a flat medium grey color, kind of like this.)

Image unknown. How embarrassing!

... Or perhaps I should head over to Hundley Hardware and find a brass version. Decisions, decisions! 

Here are a few pictures of furniture with drop pulls to inspire a crush of your own:
Image via House Beautiful, taken by Thomas Loof

Image via Ikea (This guy's actually part of the Ikea Edland series, currently available for $200.)


  1. NO WAY!!!! I've been looking for one!!! YAY!!!! THANK YOU!!!


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