Do You Shabu?

Photo via Shabu House
Last night I went to Shabu House for dinner. It was my first experience with Shabu Shabu and I LOVED it! As I gingerly dropped vegetables, noodles, and paper thin slices of kobe beef into the pot of simmering broth, I thought, "I could make this!" Low and behold, Martha has a recipe. I haven't made it yet, but I plan to. Here are a few adaptations that I'll make:

• Martha's recipe uses a lot of veggies, some of which are new to me. Last night I enjoyed mushrooms, cabbage, spinach, carrots, and a few mysteries. Were the mysteries critical? No. This seems like the kind of dish that could be made with whatever you have on hand, as long as it'll boil relatively quickly.

• At Shabu House, there were a variety of broths to choose from. The ginger-chicken broth we had was so delicious. I'll be tempted to recreate it at home, or use some other flavored broth, rather than the traditional water and salt Martha recommends.

• While we were eating, my boyfriend and I longed for creative dipping sauces beyond the ponzu we were served. We wanted peanut sauce, spicy mustard... I plan to mix it up!

photo via Martha Stewart


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