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Image by Helen Rickard

It all started with the Pentel Artist set. Anyone remember those? All the cool kids had them in school. And I didn't. I can remember begging my parents for a set, but they were too expensive. So I was left to my boring set of six Crayolas, longingly watching as my classmates opened those golden packages.
Recently I came across a set while shopping, and you'd better believe they became mine - not just the twelve pack, either. I got the full on 36 set. They are so good!

The Pentels aren't the only markers I love. Here are a few of my other favorites:

Mr. Sketch scented markers - Perfect for posters and charts, these guys don't bleed, hardly smudge, and smell delicious. I even like the black one, though I can remember hating it as a kid.

Le Pen - Are they a marker or a pen? These little guys have the finest of points, so it's up to you. I use them for writing more than drawing, and I adore them. Their sleek packaging and sophisticated colors draw constant compliments. The only downfall is that the fine tip is a little bit delicate, so I've had to replace a few, but they're worth it. 

Papermate Flair - another marker/pen, these guys are like a hardier version of the Le Pen. No, they don't offer quite as many colors, and no, the point is not quite as fine, but they still make notes and doodles look beautiful, and you don't have to worry about that little felt tip breaking! I keep a pink one in my car.

Do you have a favorite marker?


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