Back to Blogging (Again, Sort of)

It's been years since I've written here, and at times I've missed it, but for the most part, I've put this blog behind me. I used to write here with secret hopes of someday becoming a famous blogger. The lifestyle looked so glamorous! While I no longer harbor those kinds of fantasies, I've decided to take up writing here once again. I've got some big life changes on the horizon and a ton of fun projects. I'll be documenting them here for my own enjoyment so that later I can look back at them. If you somehow found this blog and want to read along, I hope you enjoy!

Of the life changes that are coming my way, one biggie is in my love life. About a month ago, my boyfriend Daily proposed. We'd been together for seven and a half years (and we both counted the half, the way a little kid would.) I'm a little embarrassed to admit that seven and a half years was long enough to include two "when are we going to get married" tear-filled meltdowns on my part, and at least half-a-dozen gentle nudges and serious questions. I cried to him on our vacation to Colombia, and once just while walking down the street in our neighborhood (which didn't stop a homeless man from asking us for change - a very funny moment.) And then, on a random Saturday just before (but not on) Valentine's day we took a picnic to our plot at the local community garden, and he proposed.

So now we're planning a wedding. We've decided the smart thing to do is to throw this wedding at the bar he co-owns. It's a giant space, with a big back yard. If I'm entirely honest, the whole place is a little bit neglected, but that can also mean opportunity. Over the next 18 months, I'll spend free time working on the bar. Some projects will be just for the sake of making the bar a little nicer, and some will be wedding-oriented. I'm feeling excited and optimistic to take this on. Sometimes I feel plagued with insecurity, too. I've always had a strong opinion about aesthetics, but when I'm putting things together that are public, I second guess myself. I imagine this whole process may include some skin-thickening for me. We'll see!


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