Tasty Bites - Whiskey Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Caramel Swirls and Ginger!

WARNING: Unlike my usual tasty bites posts, this recipe is in no way healthy. It's loaded with fat and sugar. It's delicious!

While going through my parents' cabinets, I hit the jackpot - an ice cream maker! Inspired, I gave it a (few) tries. I'm not going to lie, my first two attempts were a bust. First, a mix-up of cinnamon and cumin produced a flavor reminiscent of... armpit. Then, a buttermilk recipe tasted... well, like buttermilk
When I gave up health-conscious, and focused on delicious, I produced my first success: a whiskey-tinged vanilla bean ice cream, with caramel swirls and bits of ginger. I started with this recipe from Alton Brown, leaving out the apricot jam, and adding a splash of whiskey and crystalized ginger. When it was done, I swirled caramel in as I decanted. Two days after I began, I'm one happy camper. I'm already making round two, a coffee-toffee with hints of cinnamon, (not to be confused with cumin). Wish me luck!


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