Loving - A Positive Outlook

I saw this today on one of my new favorite blogs, Fifi Cheek. (Check out the updated "Blogs I Admire" at right!) It made me smile, then made me think.
So much of our mood, and our interpretations of things are about our mindset. (Anybody else read the book?) Make the effort to be happy, to see the good in things, and it'll be that much easier to actually be happy! (It goes the other way, too - spend your time judging others, and you'll find yourself feeling insecure.)

Anyhow, aside from the preaching, I was also struck by the image. Lovely, isn't it? It's by Mary Kate McDevitt, from Portland, Oregon. She has an etsy shop here. A few other favorites:

Gotta love her positive outlook!


  1. Hey Emily!
    Thank you so much for reading my blog and featuring my blog as one that you admire. It means so much! I have spent the afternoon scrolling though yours and love it!
    Lindsey Cheek


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