Tasty Bites - Grapefruit Campari Summer Cocktail

Image by Liz Vidyarthi via The Kitchn

One scorching Saturday, (okay, maybe 85º or so,) I set out to make the boozy grapefruit Campari popsicles that I'd bookmarked, after seeing them here. I was sure that popsicle mold I'd bought last year was somewhere. Embarrassed as I am to admit it, said popsicle mold was never found. In the end, I made little boozy grapefruit Campari ice-cubes.

Regardless of shape, I was excited to try them the next afternoon. I popped one out, and into my mouth.  "Whoa!" I thought, "These little guys are sweet." Too sweet, actually, and now I had two whole ice-cube trays full of 'em! What did I do? Dropped a few, (4) into a glass, mashed 'em up, and added one shot of Whiskey, (Pendelton,) plus about 1/4 cup of soda water. Delicious! I highly recommend making a batch of these as ice cubes to have on hand for that next scorcher.
Image via Pinterest. Photographer unknown.


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