Good Ideas - Pay it Forward from Brunch at Saks

Image via Brunch at Saks.
Just this weekend, I stumbled upon the blog Brunch at Saks. I'm already a fan. While perusing old posts, I found this one. It's her list of ways to "pay it forward." These are little things you can do for others to spread joy for $5 or less. What a wonderful idea! Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone did this?

Here are a few of my ideas to add to the list:
• Slip some change into a parking meeter that's about to expire.
• Put flowers or balloons on someone else's desk at work - even if they're cheapies, they'll be appreciated. (P.S. I find myself warming up to carnations lately. Perhaps they're underrated?)
• Smile. It's contagious.
• Be careful when you park your car - make sure you're leaving room for others to park!
• Write a funny facebook status or tweet.
• Give someone a compliment.
• Tip well.

P.S. The heart design is actually one I have sitting on my desk at work! It's from rifle paper co. and can be purchased here, along with my other favorites, the floral monogram cards, valentines' balloon card, and heirloom recipe box - so pretty!


  1. would be lovely if everyone paid it forward a little more often!


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