Good Ideas - Organizing Tips Part 2

Continued from an earlier post, here are a few more organizing tips!

• The more you use it, the easier it should be to reach. When deciding where to put things, use your prime real estate for the everyday items. If it's hard to put them away, you might not do it. Items you rarely use can find a home in the back or top shelf of your closet. For example, I keep the makeup I use daily out on top of my dresser. The stuff I rarely use is stashed away in the back of my bathroom closet.
Image via Arianna Belle
Make it easy access. When possible, use open shelving at a convenient height. In tight spots, lazy suzans, sliding racks and ladders can help make every nook and cranny in your house count. Make it easy to put away, and it'll go back to its spot.
Image via Sunset Magazine
• Store it where you use it. Do your best to store the things you use in the places you use them - bathroom cleaners in the bathroom, dishes in the kitchen, etc. If you have to make a trek to put something away, you might not do it. 
Image via Martha Stewart
• Make it portable. Do you have a group of items you use all over the house? Consider a caddy or bucket. A portable "fix it" kit or "clean it kit" will help you keep things together. You'll also have everything you need at hand wherever you need it.
Image via Martha Stewart
• Climb the walls and the doors! There is a ton of space just waiting to be used on walls and the backs of doors. Hooks, peg-board, baskets, shelves, or pre-fab organizers can help sort things out while freeing up closet and cabinet space.
Image via Domino Magazine
• Dividers keep things in place. In a drawer or cabinet, dividers are your friend. There's no "junk drawer" when everything in it has a place.
Image via Moth Design
• Corral it in a tray. A jumble of items (remotes, coasters, candles, magazines...) looks instantly pulled together when kept in a tray. I use trays in the entry (for keys, mail and loose change), in the living room (for remotes, coasters, etc), in my bathroom (for beauty products)... just about everywhere!
Image via Domino Magazine
• If it's beautiful or "special," display it. Don't store the things you love. That's wasting space and beauty!
Image via Domino Magazine
• Make the whole space beautiful. If the space is pretty, you'll want to use it! Take a look at these beautifully organized spaces:
Image via Domino Magazine
Image via Design*Sponge
Image via Red Online
Image via Lonny Magazine
Image via the Brooklyn Home Company
Image via Design*Sponge
Image via Domino Magazine


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