Please Pardon the Radio Silence. More To Come Soon!

Illustration by Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion

Things have been a little crazy around these parts, preparing for the big move. I'm hoping that by the end of next week, I'll be settled enough to get back to my favorite hobby - this blog! Until then, please pardon the radio silence... I promise there'll be lots of good things when I return!


  1. Hi Emily, I saw your comment on another blog about the Horchow Cork Top beverage server and you said you bought some similar ones on Etsy. Would you mind sharing the shop on Etsy? I've been wanting to buy the Horchow one and now it's sold out :( Thanks a bunch!!

  2. Hi Autumn,
    I DID buy similar(ish) cork-topped glass jars, but unfortunately, not beverage servers. The jars I bought are from etsy seller Galvinating Girls. She's got one left, but there are a lot of similar jars on etsy. here's the link:

    It MIGHT be possible to have a hole cut in the side of one of these, to add your own spiggot. (possibly)

    I also found this one (which doesn't have the elegant hand-blown look, but does have a cork!) from Pottery Barn:

    In addition, I found this, which I think is adorable:

    I hope that helps!


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