Imagine If - Freebie Queen Bed

I've got a weakness. I can spot free furniture from a mile away, and whenever I do, it tugs at my heartstrings. If I could logistically pull it off, I'd swoop up every, (okay, almost every,) worn, torn, seen-better-days piece I saw sitting by the road, sand it down, fix it up, and resell it. Unfortunately, I do not have the storage space, the time, or the business license... yet.

To help with my little problem, I've decided to start a new kind of post here on Little Bits: Imagine If. When I spy free or inexpensive furniture, I'll post about it here, along with my prescription for a good fix up. Let's play.

This morning I spotted this queen bed on San Francisco's free section of Craigslist:
 At its present state, I find this bed charming, but a little too "country cottage" for my tastes. Imagine if...

• sawed off the tall posts, and recovered the rest in batting and fabric like this:

solid fabric with nailhead trim
Interior design by Massucco Warner Miller. Photographer unknown.

bright punchy (Otomi) fabric
Bed and Image by Grace Bonney for design*sponge

 ...or painted it like this:
fun solid color

contrasting trim and (optional) silhouette
Bed by Maureen of The Inglenook Decor, Image by Christophey Nguyen found via desire to inspire

Oh imagine!


  1. LOVE! if you come across any wonderful, free full size beds keep me in mind :-)

  2. Awesome blog idea. Can't wait to read more. El Gallo Negro = Marco. Google decided to pull a random name lol.

  3. THAT'S AN EFFING AWESOME IDEA! My heart flutters at your creativity :)


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