Loving - DIY Pipe Decor

One upon a time, (actually, two years ago,) Morgan of the Brick House spotted these shelves at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs...

Image via Remodelista
(You should really follow the link above and check out the rest of these photos. This place is amazing!)

...and decided to make her own:
Image by Morgan Satterfield via The Brick House

Then everyone caught on, and before you knew it, pipes were everywhere!

In miniature:
Image by Daniel Kanter via Manhattan Nest

Tall and thin:
Image by Jacquelyn via Lark and Linen

Standing all by themselves:
Image by Bess Callard via the english muffin blog

Holding clothes:
Image by Ryan Plett via [you_have_broken_the_internet]

As beds:
As table legs:
Image by Jim McHugh via Architectural Digest

Image via marybicycles
Image via Hudson Goods

Even as lighting!
Image by Leigh Davis for the New York Times

Image via Fresh Home

And now, of course, I want to make something! (A sideboard with storage for a future apartment sounds about right...) Perhaps I'll just buy something from DirtyBils on Etsy


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