Good Ideas - It'll Really Be Summer When I...

Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere posted this list of summer to-dos last week, and I found myself inspired. What a great way to make sure your summer sings! While I have a hard time setting tasks as "must do," here's my list of things that would make my summer. (No pressure!) 

It'll really be summer when I...

...ride bikes around the city
Image by Beg Bicycles

...spend a morning perusing fruits and veggies at a farmers' market out at Kirby Cove (already booked!)
Image by Eoin Donaghy

...paint something 
(the bathroom, one of the three pieces of sad furniture in the garage, a picture to replace oh-so-tired one that's hanging over my bed...)

...make fresh lemonade, iced tea, or Arnold Plamers (with mint!)

...see an outdoor movie

...catch a Giants day game (got tickets for June 25th!)

...finally piece together that pallet daybed for the backyard

...enjoy a fire outdoors
Image via Martha Stewart

What do you want to do this summer?


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