Eight Dollar Luxury Inside My Very Own Closet!

I was at Target the other weekend, and the bathmat I'd been eyeing was on sale for $8! "I don't need a bathmat," I told myself, as I threw it into my cart. By the end of the trip, I knew just where I could put it. That eight dollar bathmat now lives in my closet. Each morning as I get ready, my toes rejoice at its soft texture. If you've got a space like this, I highly recommend getting your toes a little mat to rest on. It's pure luxury (for eight dollars!)
Image via me!
P.S. Please pardon the dresser. I hate it. That's why it lives in the closet.

Here are a few bathmats and smaller sized rugs that could do the trick. (Nothing's over $50.)


  1. Super cute, and so worth it! You have no idea how much I wish my closet looked like that...it is exploding out into my room right now, need to clean it out. Of course, I have been MAJORLY procrastinating!!!

  2. Love your closet! Of course it looks so cute! I wouldn't expect anything less of you, dearie.


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