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DIY #1 - Planters and Trellises for the Back Yard

DIY #1 is complete! Even though the wedding is more than a year away, we've begun the beautification of the back yard. Starting to spruce it up now gives us time to get it right, and will (hopefully) make the bar a nicer place to be for everyone in the meantime. Here's what we made: Before that wall looked like this: We decided to build our own feed tank garden containers with branch trellises. First, we gathered our supplies (which included several trips to Home Depot, Cole Hardware, Flora Grubb and even foraging for sticks). Then it was time to get to work! We flipped the tanks over and drilled holes ~3 inches apart from each other for drainage. This actually took us quite a while, because we'd forgotten our extra drill battery at home. :( We placed the tanks where we wanted them, and filled the bottoms with rocks for more drainage, followed by soil. Then it was time for sticks! First, we added some vertical ones. The tallest ones even got feet nailed

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